Welcome to MEMS and Micromachining Laboratory!


Research Topics

 In this laboratory, extensive topics in micro-nano domains, such as MEMS, micromachining, evaluation for micro material and material creating, are covered and researched.

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Novel micromachining method

  • Liftoff process using the electroforming sacrifice layer
  • New process for nanoporous metal

Searching for novel functional materials using integrated MEMS and combinatorial technology

  • Novel magnetostriction materials suitable for a microsensor or microactuator
  • Pt-free glass molding die material superior in micro machinability
  • Coating materials for high corrosive, hard formability glass


  • High durability water in oil detector
  • High corrosion resistance membrane vacuum sensor

Combinatorial deposition method

High throughput evaluation method

  • High throughput fatigue strength evaluation method
  • High throughput crystallization temperature evaluation method
  • High throughput Young’s modulus evaluation method

Cylindrical ultrasonic microactuator

  • Model of the year 2009
  • Model of the year 2008

Novel thin film amorphous alloys and thin film metallic glass

  • Ru-based metallic glass
  • Pt-based amorphous alloy for glass forming mold application
  • Heat resistant Pt-free amorphous alloy

Thin film metallic glass microactuator

  • Microactuator for miniature tensile test application
  • Rotating microactuator
  • Conical spring microactuator
  • Integrated conical spring microactuator
  • Out of plane of substrate analog displacement microactuator
  • Two degrees of freedom microactuator
  • Micro lens actuator

Three dimensional micromachining of thin film metallic glasses

  • Fabrication of bent beam by various processing methods at supercooled-liquid region
  • Microhollow structures made by micro blow fabrication
  • Twisted or bent microbeams by laser partial heating