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  • After completing his carrier of military, Mr. Pil Young Kim returned to university. (7/4/2013)
  • Dr. Mizue Mizoshiri was appointed as Assistant Professor. (7/1/2013)
  • Ms. Takayo Otomo was appointed as secretary. (10/3/2012)
  • Prof. Seiichi Hata was appointed from Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Tech. (10/1/2012)
  • Kazuo Sato, professor emeritus of Nagoya University, was appointed to Aichi Institute of Technology as a professor. (4/1/2012)
  • Prof. Kazuo Sato retired. Please enter to former website of Sato and Shikida Lab from here. (3/31/2012)
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Conferences, Lectures, Exhibitions

  • Conferences
    • IEEE MEMS2013 INTEGRATION OF CATHETER FLOW SENSOR ONTO TRACHEAL INTUBATION TUBE SYSTEM, Takuya Matsuyama, Kazuhiro Yoshikawa, Yudai Yamazaki, Mitsuhiro Shikida, Miyoko Matsushima and
      Tsutomu Kawabe 2013年1月21日,Taipei International Convention Center(Tiwan)
  • Lectures
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  • Exhibitions
    • (No plan at the moment)

Awards, Press-Released Articles

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